Meet 5 year old Tonka. This gorgeous, classic Black and Tan shepherd is perfect in so many ways. His energy level is such that he can do almost anything you want him to, but he’s not at that young, hyperactive, needs supervision 24/7 age. He is super affectionate, loves to chase a ball, and rolling over on his back for a good wiggle is something he seems to thoroughly enjoy! He seems to be fine with most dogs, but prefers to be with his human. He does have some separation anxiety, so a home that has somebody there most of the time would be ideal for this big old love muffin. You can’t help but fall in love with this handsome guy once you meet him. So if you think you would enjoy having this guy with you, following you around and showing you just how wonderful he thinks you are, get online, fill out the adoption application, grab your checkbook and write that $325 adoption donation check. Because the amount of love Tonka has to give will fill up the bed of a truck, and then some. This is no game to him. Taking him home will put you on the path to changing his world. He has had to take one too many detours to find his forever family. It’s time to head on down the road and go home.

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