Please say hello to VSR’s gentle giant, Gilligan. This handsome 6 year old boy was not going to let anybody get anywhere near him once AC was able to wrangle him into their care. When we reached out to the shelter to request him, they asked us to come and meet him before we committed. Fear is an ugly thing, and will make even the most balanced dogs do things they wouldn’t normally do. But we have learned that dogs need time to let themselves trust and build a bond with us after they go through the horrifying experience of going through the shelter system. So we are taking our time, and letting Gilligan figure out that it’s only going to get better from here. Gilligan has been great walking with some of the other big dogs he’s met. He’s been friendly meeting strangers. He’s playful and happy! If you would like to bring this big old goofball into your heart and home, please fill out our online adoption application. Gilligan is ready to get off this island and find his Skipper!

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