It’s not often that we read an application and think that we have the PERFECT dog for the family, but after receiving Bob and Boni’s application and visiting their home, we knew we were going o make a match made in doggy heaven. When Bob and Boni came to the facility, though, they had 4 dogs on their list of dogs to meet. We started at the top of their list, and they met all 4 dogs. It seemed obvious to us that our petite, people loving girl, Aiyana, was the dog for them, but they wanted to sleep on it. So we sat on pins and needles waiting for the call letting us know which dog they would be taking home. Luckily, they also saw that Aiyana, now named Maiya, was just what they were looking for. Maiya settled right in, and made herself at home. You made it to the big leagues, little one. There’s only one thing left to do. You need to wag on, munchkin Maiya, wag onClick here for more photos!

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