We all know that angels have wings, but VSR’s Angel also has a Waggin’ Tail!  Angel becomes the latest orphan to be inducted into our very exclusive club.  Angel has 2 Maltese little sisters to play with, and a senior chow friend to hang around the house with.  An enormous yard and lots of love are the things that Angel will be enjoying for the rest of her life.  Mary says she is a nurse, but we know that her real occupation is being Angel’s angel.  Mary knew the minute she saw Angel smiling back at her from her Petfinder photo that this was her dog, and now it’s a reality.  Angel is in heaven on earth.  Thank you, Mary, for saving our Angel.  Dust off those wings, and strap on your halo.  You’ll need them when you wag on, Angel baby.  Wag on.

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