Argus update 9/29/2017: We took Argus to our adoption event last weekend and Argus was a total rockstar! He LOVES little dogs, kids, and we are told he is not interested in cats. Argus is perfection in the form of this beautiful, kind soul. Any family will be lucky to make Argus a part of their family. Visitation rights for the volunteers will need to be negotiated in his adoption contract! (Just kidding, but we wouldn’t turn them down!)
Meet 3-4 year old Argus. Argus was left in a backyard when his family moved out. Luckily a neighbor called the landlord who immediately came to Argus’s rescue. He took him home, had him groomed, and introduced him to his 2 senior little dogs, who were NOT happy about this gentle giant being in their home. The landlord is also going through chemotherapy, so keeping Argus just wasn’t a possibility for him, as much as he would have loved to give Argus the forever home he deserves. Once we get Argus all checked out and ready to be adopted, we will post a more detailed bio.

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