When VSR first picked up this dog almost a year ago, his name was Mustang.  He was a 15 month old owner surrender.  We quickly found out that he was a very sensitive dog, who had probably been yelled at quite a bit.  Mustang was adopted, became Aries, and through no fault of his own, was returned to us in November.  His military mom knew it wasn’t fair to him to have to bounce him around every time she was deployed, so he went to a foster home.  He has always been leery of men, but will bond quickly and become very protective with his person.  So when Jarred wanted to drive 8 hours to meet Aries, we asked that he have a couple of other dogs in mind to meet.

Aries never forgot the Adoption Director, who had pulled him from that awful, scary shelter, and he let everyone know it.  So we thought it best if somebody else handle Aries when Jarred arrived to meet him.  As luck would have it, Jarred walked up right as the director was walking Aries towards the door.  Recognizing Aries from his pictures, Jarred knew enough about dogs to squat down and turn sideways so as not to appear threatening to Aries.  Well, Aries walked right up to Jarred, licked his hand and face, and we all knew this was the one.  The universe works in mysterious ways, and today it was letting us know that Aries was going home.

Aries’ adoption by Jarred is one of those stories that you can tell over and over, and get goose bumps every time.  The connection was instant.  Although Aries did check back and look for reassurance from the director occasionally, he never left Jarred’s side the entire afternoon.  And you can see from the photo that Mr. Aries Mustang Asher plans on keeping Jarred close by.  Tears were flowing all around when Jarred left to go back to Elko the next day, but we know we will stay in touch.  Jarred is now part of the VSR family, and Aries will continue to stay in our lives, even if only through pictures.  So now that you’ve made us all cry those emotional tears, it’s time that you wag on, awesome Aries, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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