2/5/19 UPDATE: Now that I have been with VSR a while, they have learned that although I won’t share my home with other females, I would like a nice, submissive, male dog to push around, oh, I mean play with. As long as boy will let me be in charge, we can have lots of fun playing together. I do need a proper introduction to my possible boy toys though. I would also be just fine as the only dog. Older kids would be ok too, but kids under 10 stress me out. I LOVE to play with rope toys, chase balls, and have people chase me too. I don’t like it when people grab me by my collar, so please don’t grab it. Do you have the experienced home I’m looking for, because I’m still waiting for my forever home

Hi, My name is Armani, and I can tell you the last couple months of my life have been really stressful and confusing for me. I was dropped off at a local shelter, where I was very scared. Luckily I got out alive and was put into a home, but that home had other big female dogs, and I just didn’t do well there. I like being the only princess in the home. I ended up at another shelter until finally Vegas Shepherd Rescue was able to rescue me. I was SOOOO happy to get out of there. I danced and jumped and even had a chance to roll around in some soft, wet, cool grass! I need to put on some weight, and I have an ear infection that is being treated. The VSR folks are still getting to know more about what I like and don’t like. It’s possible I may be shepherd/ Belgian Malinois mix, so an experienced home will be a must for my adoptive home. Stay tuned as VSR learns more about me and post updates to my story.

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