Meet 2-3 year old Asher. Asher wandered onto a good samaritan’s property dirty and about 20 pounds underweight. After attempting to find his family, the good Sam took matters into her own hands and had Asher neutered and vaccinated. The good Sam’s current dogs were not ready to accept a new dog into their home, so the good Sam reached out to us to find Asher his forever home. Asher is very friendly and seems to love people of all kinds. He can get a little bit mouthy when he gets really excited while playing. And he loves to run and chase and be chased. He occasionally jumps while playing, but we are working on that. It’s nothing that a training class or two can’t fix. Asher is a beautiful solid black shepherd with thick bones and the cutest, big, puffy dog paws we have ever laid eyes on! We have walked him with other calm dogs and he had done amazingly well. He didn’t pay much attention to the other dogs. If you think this black beauty could be the perfect addition to your family and home, don’t waste a minute wondering. Get busy filling out our online adoption application. Because it won’t take any black magic to know that Asher could be disappearing into a loving forever home very soon.

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