Beautiful, 7 year old Aslan went to doggy Heaven on Earth last Sunday.  Or at least that’s what Aslan thinks.  Actually, Aslan was adopted by a wonderful woman, Inken, and her husband.  Inken has had and trained German Shepherds for most of her adult life.  She is also from Germany and speaks the language fluently.  Aslan is trained in German commands, which makes things easy for all involved.  When Inken took the leash to walk Aslan, there was instant chemistry.  Inken also works from home, so Aslan will not be alone much.  After having lived in a home his entire life, the kennel environment was taking its toll on this regal boy.  Putting him back in the kennel after taking him out for exercise or a field trip was getting to be very difficult, as he fought going back to the kennel with everything he had.  So when Inken took Aslan out and took him to her home, he turned on the charm, so that Inken would never take him back to the boarding facility.  So if Aslan thinks he is in doggy heaven, who are we to argue with him?  The only way to get to doggy heaven is to wag on, astounding Aslan.  Wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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