It’s not often a Waggin’ Tail affects our local economy the way this one does.  Astro is a big boy, and does everything in a big way.  So when Judy decided she was going to be bringing home another dog for her handsome Tyson, Judy traded in her 2012 Honda for a 2010 truck, just to accommodate her 4 legged family members.  Her co workers thought she was crazy, but VSR couldn’t love her any more!  Since VSR was the reason for the sale, maybe the salesman will pay it forward, and make a donation in Judy (or Astro’s) name to VSR.  But all kidding aside, this adoption is a special one.  Astro had lived at the boarding facility for too long.  It was time for him to go home for good.  So, once you get out of that new truck, you need to wag on, astonishing Astro.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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