Augie (formerly Atlas)

Tammie is no stranger to the shepherd breed. Her past was filled with shepherds.  She also just recently had a birthday, and one of the great things about being an adult and having birthdays is that you can give yourself whatever you want. So to celebrate her special day, Tammie decided it was time to fill that empty spot in her home and heart.  After reading about Augie, she knew she was the perfect home for Augie to now call her own.   Tammie contacted us, brought down her friend and the cutest little golden-doodle ever, Penny, to see if Augie would enjoy having play dates with them.  Well, things couldn’t have gone any better,and we couldn’t be happier!  This is the type of home Augie will thrive in.  It broke our hearts when we learned that Augie’s previous human had passed away, so we can’t imagine how devastated Augie must have felt!  Well things have finally turned around for you, our little drama queen!  We know you will have lots to say about it!  So as you go for your play dates and rides in the car, talking the entire time, we are sure you are required to wag on, awesome Augie, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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