When Axel arrived at VSR, it was not without a lot of drama and stress. Not just his own, but also the 2 volunteers who had to wrangle him into the back of an SUV after Axel had one of them on her butt in the shelter parking lot.  It took one of VSR’s trainers to get the overzealous Axel on the road to becoming a polite, well behaved, young Malinois. Not only was he polite, but he had some talent and skill underneath all that energy just waiting to be nurtured. At a recent adoption event, MPK9 Protection was giving a demonstration and a bite sleeve was brought out. Guess who barked, jumped and wanted to “play”? Yep, it was our very own Ax-man. Gregory of MPK9 approached VSR founder, Tammy, expressing his interest in fostering and working with Axel. Fast forward a couple of months and our Axel was thriving getting to work on his protection skills every day. Gregory then approached Tammy expressing his interest in adopting the Ax-man. After spending over 6 months in boarding, our very own Mal puppy, Axel, is going to be a true working dog. We couldn’t be more proud of him if we tried. So as you move on up the ladder of doggy opportunity, don’t forget about your rescue family, who loves you immeasurably.  And don’t forget to wag on, amazing Axel. Wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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