Meet Aztec. This may not be our typical post introducing a new VSR orphan, but this is not a typical dog or a typical case, (and besides, it was my birthday, so I can do what I want, just this once.) Aztec had run out of time at the local kill shelter. Because of some of the behavior he was exhibiting, this drop dead gorgeous boy wasn’t even going to make it to the rescue list. Luckily, someone in the rescue department recognized that Aztec was acting like a young, scared shepherd, whose life had been turned upside down (he had been turned in as a stray, but we all know that a dog that scared isn’t going to willingly get into a car with strangers so they can bring him to the shelter, so you can make your own conclusions about that.) I was called and asked if I wanted to come and see what I thought, because VSR truly was his only hope. If we didn’t take him, he wouldn’t be offered to any other rescues. We were overflowing with shepherds, as usual. But I couldn’t say no when the shelter reached out. They didn’t have to do that. When I got there, I saw just what the rescue coordinator had told me. A terrified, confused dog. I asked if they could extend his hold to give me a few days to make room for him, and they agreed. I visited him every day, telling him he was safe. He didn’t have to be scared any more. I would be back to get him. I was required to pick him up immediately after his neuter, where he was placed in a crate with a cone on, and still groggy from his surgery. We knew the last thing he needed was more frightening changes. So off we went to the vet, where our doctor was able to look him over a little bit. But a terrified, confused dog doesn’t need the hustle and bustle of a busy vet clinic and countless people rushing to do their jobs, and not having the time he needed to feel safe and to trust strangers. So we all decided that the best thing for Aztec do was to come to my house to recover, eat, sleep, and figure out that he is safe. He’s been at my house for just a little over 48 hours now. He can barely keep his eyes open. He wakes up to get a drink of water, go outside to go potty and goes right back to sleep. So we are going to let him chill out at my house for a while, decompressing and getting some meat on his bones. Then we will get to know him, and find him the perfect home and family that will never dump him like yesterday’s trash ever again.

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