Baja hasn’t had things easy in his short life.  His out of state rescue was somewhat complicated.  He spent more time in the kennel than we had planned on.  None of this had anything to do with Baja.  He was just a black dog hoping to beat the black dog syndrome.  After what must have seemed like decades to Baja, he finally made it to Vegas.  In 8 short days of being a VSR orphan, Baja found a forever home!  On his 8th day with VSR, we felt he was a good candidate to go to an adoption event.  He was a huge hit.  Shortly after he got back to the boarding facility, Baja had 2 families there to meet him.  Again, he was golden!  Both families would happily welcome him into their homes, but he is only one dog.  Kevin was the one who ended up taking Baja home to Kingman with him.  With an awesome roommate and dedicated friends to share in the loving of Baja, Kevin found himself a loyal, affectionate, and very vocal best friend.  It took a long time to get Baja, but we are sure he thinks it was worth the wait.  Since you are finally out of the kennel for good, it’s only fitting that you wag on, Baja bug.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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