Banshee is one lucky dog.  This happy girl was picked up in Southern California and taken to the very deadly Devore shelter, where breeds like this are rarely given more than a day or 2 to be adopted.  Because of her friendly and curious nature, the shelter workers quickly got attached to Banshee, and did everything possible to buy her time.  It worked.  Banshee made it to Las Vegas where after being a rescue orphan for less than 2 weeks, she found herself being welcomed into Carl’s home.  Carl is very active and loves to run and hike.  Who better to share those adventures with than a young, high energy dog like Banshee?  So as you experience life with your rose colored glasses on, make sure to stop and smell those roses when you wag on, bitty Banshee.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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