Such a sweet face on our little 10 month old Bea.  Bea was saved from our local shelter after being hit by a car.  It took some time for her injuries to heal but she is as good as new and ready for a forever home.   She’s sugar and spice, a little naughty, a little nice.  She has learned what toys are at her fosters home and loves to play now.  She will play a rousing game of tug o war or fetch.  She is working on a few things like jumping on her humans and not using those sharp puppy teeth for chewing.   She’s got a puppies attention span but learns quickly and has a basic foundation for obedience already.   Her rough play and strong personality can be too much for some dogs and children, but she is large dog friendly.   She loves to do scent training games and nose work.  She walks well on a harness after a few minutes of excitement.  She is crate trained but after 4 hours, puppy boredom kicks in and she gets pent up.   She can jump 6ft in the air so high walls are a must for this little gal.  She would be a great companion for someone active who can hike or run some of the energy out of her.  🐾🐾

To apply to adopt Bea, fill out an adoption application.

She does get along with other dogs but she can be a bit overwhelming to other dogs as she has poor social skills.
her attention span is only moments fleeting for training but at least she has a foundation.  I can get her to pay attention and look me in the eye for a few seconds before she loses interest.  She loves nose work and the games for finding scent. She uses a harness for walks and does fine after a bit.
She is crate trained house trained and eats 4 times a day. I feed herVictor High pro. More fat and calories. She also eats fruits and meats in between she will eat most any food.
I would guarantee she could scale a 8 foot fence if she wanted. She can jump from a sit about 6 feet straight up
Bea is a work in progress but with the right person she will be a great companion. No children not even teens. She still can hurt with her boisterous behavior and mouth. One last thing. I don’t think she should be left alone (she destroys everything) or crated for longer than 4 hours.  It unfortunately enhances her over excitement behavior in which she becomes out of control

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