Things we’ve learned about Beacon: He’s a gentlemen treat taker. He just learned what peanut butter is and loves it! He knows several commands and doesn’t mind a crate. He walks well on a leash or a harness. He wants to share whatever you’re eating and sometimes forgets his manners. He’s working on potty training but does pretty well.

Here’s the harder part to digest…. Beacons suffers from gun shot wounds indicative of a “kill shot”. We suspect his hearing is gone or affected due to the possible close range firing, as he does not appear to be responding to noise at this time including gates dropping next to him, fire works, horns etc. He was found with a leash clipped around his neck slip lead style.

His foster says it pains him to yawn and he’s having random sporadic painful moments but thankfully they only seem to last a few seconds before he seems okay again. We may never know how or why this happened to him, but we intend to make sure he has the best life possible after the horrors he’s been through.

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