What could be more exciting than becoming a member of VSR’s exclusive Waggin’ Tails Club?  Well, how about becoming a member and then getting to go to work with your foster failure mom every day?  Bear walked into the boarding facility just like every other rescue dog but didn’t make it past the front desk.  Amanda had other ideas and Bear immediately found himself a foster mom.  As the days went by, Amanda got more and more upset over the thought of Bear leaving her to go to a forever home.  When Bear started opening up and thriving with Amanda and her family, the only sensible thing to do was make it official.  Today Bear became a real part of the family.  He has 3 of his own 4 legged siblings, along with his very own toddler sister, Eva.  With his calm, gentle nature, this living teddy Bear is just one step away from sealing the deal.  You know the drill big guy.  It’s time to wag on bashful Bear.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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