In our time with the very handsome 18 month old Ben, we have learned lots of things about him.
18 m Ben is so very ready for a forever family. He is good with most humans he meets and with a proper intro, good with dogs his size. Due to his prey drive, little kids, cars and small dogs are a no. He’s housebroken and knows a few commands but needs training and someone who’s had experience with working dogs.
He enjoys a bit of counter surfing for snacks if given the chance but corrects quickly with a stern OFF.  He is high energy, the kind of high energy you think 45 minutes straight of fetch will burn off and then he’s staring at you and crying to keep going.  He whimpers and vocalizes during play.  Its adorable.  He gets over stimulated and over exuberant and needs to be taken in hand sometimes so a confident owner would benefit him.  We make him sit before we throw his balls so he doesn’t lunge and grab for instance.  We also make him sit for his meals, which he has no problem with any humans being around.
He’s a lover.  A jump up in your face, hug you, and beg you to pet him and throw his ball, l.o.v.e.r.  He can be mouthy when he’s amped up, like most of his breed, but a loud “OW” stops him in his tracks.  With guidance he’s truly a phenomenal dog.  He can be picky about new furry friends but for the most part, if introduced properly, he could easily live a happy life with another dog his size.  We wouldn’t recommend small animals as he has displayed some prey drive and a willingness to act on it with bunnies in our yard and small dogs he’s met.
He is potty trained and will hold it all night or during a work day easily if he doesn’t have access to outside.   He can be a handful but no more than most dogs at 18 months of his breed.   He has a tendency to grab first, ask questions later when it comes to his toys if not kept control of and guided to make the right decisions.  He’s great in a car and loves to go places.  His preference is to ride shotgun in his own way, standing with his head between the seats to see the world around him.
Think you’re Bens dream family?  You can apply to foster or adopt at  Already approved?  Reach out to us for a meeting.

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