Oh, Beni, Beni, Beni. You are one tough cookie. When we picked you up from the shelter and you were able to hobble out to the car for the ride to the vet, nobody suspected you had a pelvis that was broken in 5 places! You shouldn’t have been able to walk at all. Then to heal “as good as new” without having to go through surgery, but be confined to a crate for 8 long weeks at your young age of about 18 months, you have surprised us all.  We were so grateful when Rachael stepped up to foster this wild child who had 2 months worth of puppy living to make up for. She wasn’t going to waste a minute. Rachael and Beni have been working hard on making Beni the awesome young dog she is today. Rachael finally realized that after all the time, energy and love that she and her husband have put into little Miss Beni (who can run like the wind, by the way), there was no way they could let her go. So today Rachael failed at being a foster. Now it’s all legal and Beni is home for good. We couldn’t be happier, especially since Rachael has taken in another dog to foster, in addition to adopting Beni. We weren’t sure you would ever be able to do what every VSR dog is required to do upon being adopted, but we wouldn’t miss it for the world! So go on now. Wag on, bionic Beni, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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