HELP!!!! WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP SO WE CAN GET BENNY THE MEDICAL TREATMENT HE NEEDS TO BE PAIN FREE! Grab your Kleenex before you read this heart wrenching story of this beautiful boy, probably about 3 years old, who has lived his whole life in pain. Running loose, he was picked up by Animal Control and taken to the shelter, where he was terrified and shut down. His memo on the transfer list stated, “When putting dog back in the kennel, dog wrapped his paws around staff tightly and refused to let go. After a minute the dog let go. It took 2 staff members to lift the dog back in the kennel. He went straight to the back and laid down trembling and lip licking.” Upon examination by our vets, and doing x-rays, we found that Benny has severe hip dysplasia in both hips! The only way to alleviate his pain is to do surgery on both hips. We need $4000 to do the surgeries. We also need a foster home for Benny to recover in. It would be a 4 month commitment, as the surgeries need to be done 8 weeks apart. Once Benny is cleared medically after both surgeries, the foster family will have the first right of refusal to adopt this sweet boy. The staff at the vet clinic gushes about what a sweet, gentle boy Benny is. He’s still very scared and just starting to eat. He weighs only 56 lbs! He’s not even healthy enough to have his neuter surgery. So please, please open your hearts and your wallets! No amount is too small. Hasn’t Benny lived in pain long enough? We need your help to change Benny’s world.

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