Maybe this should be Bianca’s smiling face, instead of her Waggin’ Tail story.  Gary and Ruth recently lost their older shepherd and 8 year old Bruder had been depressed since his passing.  Thinking a younger female would cheer Bruder up, Gary and Ruth brought him to meet some VSR dogs.  Bruder made it crystal clear which girly dog he wanted to share his toys with when Bianca came out to strut her stuff.  He was clearly smitten, giving her kisses and showing off.  When Bianca arrived at Gary and Ruth’s home, the first thing Bruder did was bring Bianca his ball and drop it at her feet.  Gary knew they had made the right choice when they picked Bianca, because Bruder NEVER shares his ball.  Bianca will now be traveling in style and living the life this sweetheart of a dog deserves.  After only 5 days of being a VSR orphan, it’s now time for you to wag on, bashful Bianca.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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