Bing Crosby

UPDATE 12/28/18 Bing Crosby had his surgery and did great! He’s now neutered, and the mass on his neck was a benign cyst! His bloodwork was completely normal, and x-rays of his hips show an average amount of arthritis for a dog his size and age. He’s doing great on the anti inflammatory. Bing Crosby loves toys and hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like! We will let him heal up and recover from the surgeries and then start looking for the perfect home for him. Meet Mr. Bing Crosby! After being picked up as a stray, and spending a week in the local shelter, Bing Crosby’s time was running out. Listed as a senior with a weak back end and a baseball sized mass on his neck, the chances of him getting out alive were slim to none. We couldn’t turn our backs on this beautiful, big boy! Even though he feels and smells like he’s never had a bath, and probably hasn’t spent too many, if any days at all inside a house, Bing Crosby was a polite, gentle boy when we got him out of the shelter. So he will spend a few days getting cleaned up, neutered and having the mass removed at our vet clinic. Then we will get to know Mr. Bing Crosby and begin looking for the perfect home for this very special sweet senior!

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