UPDATE: 9-7-16 Bolt has had his dental work done. He had to have 3 teeth extracted and will be on soft food for the next 2 weeks. After spending a little time with him, we learned this guy is one friendly boy, and seems to be a very well socialized dog. He was happy to meet people and seems happy and interested in other dogs. Bolt’s teeth were in pretty rough shape, but our vets feel he is about 6 years old. The perfect age as far as we are concerned. What you see is what you get with a dog this age! As we spend more time with Bolt, we will update his bio. But I can tell you right now, this is a dog you don’t want to pass up if you are in the market for a great adult dog. I can promise you that! 9-2-16 Meet handsome Bolt. Bolt ended up at the shelter when he escaped his yard. At the last minute his owners came and reclaimed him. A few weeks later, the family returned him to the shelter because “he won’t stay in the yard.” Bolt needs a good brushing and some dental work, once he’s all fixed up we will get to know him and post his bio.

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