Meet the biggest member of the VSR family! Mr. Boz. Over the course of his 7 year life, Boz has ended up in the shelter 4 times! Well all that is about to change! We will stop at nothing to find this big old boy the forever home he has always deserved! We are still getting to know him, but so far he’s been friendly with people of all ages and dogs alike. He’s even good with the resident cat at his foster home! We did a senior well check on him and his thyroid levels were a little bit low, so we are starting him on a low does of thyroid meds and will recheck again in a month. Boz is just a great all-around dog and would fit into virtually any loving home. If you have that loving home our XL size boy deserves, please fill out our online adoption application. He has XL amounts of love to give. Why not give it to you?

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