Welcome 3 yr old Bruno. This handsome boy came to us all the way from rural farm country in TX where he had a fondness for sheep and by fondness, he found them tasty.

He had a long journey with many people involved and easy a perfect gentlemen the whole way.  He was friendly to dogs he met along the way and so far has shown us no negative behaviors.

He is actually the sweetest, most affectionate boy.  He loves toys that squeak and will carry them around amd whine at them occasionally.  His favorite thing in the world is deep ear scratches.  He tries to push your fingers way in there and get to to scratch him good.  He totally melts and starts vocalizing.  He is super fun and active now that he is coming out of his shell.  He can be a bit shy at first but just a bit and he recovered quickly.

This wonderful boy would make a great addition to most situations.  We will be testing to see what his favorite types of friends might be for fur siblings.  You don’t want to miss out on this unicorn… unless you have a farm. 🙂

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