Buddy’s short life has been quite a roller coaster ride up to this point.  At barely a year old, Buddy was picked up by Animal Control as a stray.  He was then adopted from the kill shelter by someone, who after 2 weeks of crating Buddy for 14 hours at a time, returned him saying she thought he was depressed.  The days of emotional roller coasters are gone for good now, though.  Mark, Rene and Caden wanted a big dog for some time.  Buddy’s smiling face (as seen in his picture) jumped out at this family, and they didn’t waste any time setting the wheels in motion to make Buddy theirs.  Buddy will be spending his life hanging out by the pool and keeping his 2 mixed breed brothers, Tucker and Archer, company.  We doubt that Buddy will miss the emotional amusement park rides because he will be busy working the crowd with that one floppy ear.  There’s no need to remind him.  Wag on, bright eyed Buddy, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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