Meet the newest addition to the VSR family. This handsome guy is 2 1/2 year old Bugsy. Bugsy was surrendered to us when the family dynamics changed in such a way that, as hard as it was for Bugsy’s family, they knew the right thing to do for Bugsy was to give him up and have us find him the forever family that he deserves. Bugsy needs a little time to decompress and know that he is safe and loved here with us. We discovered, quite by accident that .bugsy is deaf. Many people will consider him a special needs dog, but we prefer to think that he is a dog who simply responds to a different type of training. And many dogs are trained with hand signals. Bugsy is a sweet, affectionate boy, who seems to love kids, and has been fine with the other dogs his size that he has met. We happened across a cat on our walk the other day, and he was interested, looked and barked at it, but never tried to approach it. Most of the time he was backing away from it. And did I mention that he is a dreamboat on the leash? He walks so nicely it’s hard to put into words. So please don’t let his lack of hearing stop you from bringing in one of the most beautiful shepherds (inside and out) that we have ever had, into your home. If you do, you will never hear the end of it.

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