Say hello to handsome, 4 year old Burgess. This dog. What can I say? Rarely does a dog act so happy and affectionate so quickly after getting out of the shelter. Especially after what this precious dog went through. He was found by a Good Samaritan coming out of the desert in the middle of the night. The good Sam did the right thing and had Animal Control come pick him up so his family would have a chance to find him. She then contacted us, letting us know what a great dog he was, after having spent only 7 hours with this dirty, matted, skinny boy. We wanted to help, so we requested him from the shelter. The day before we were supposed to pick him up, he was reclaimed, only to be returned to the shelter the next day. So we contacted the shelter, letting them know we still wanted to save him. (He had been put on the transfer list for being scared the first time he got to the shelter.) He was definitely confused about what was going on, but didn’t hesitate when I opened the back of my car, and he flew in! By the time we got to the vet clinic he was happy, wagging his tail, asking for attention and affection. He is getting all cleaned up and we are getting to know him a little better. Stay tuned for updates on our desert dog, Burgess.

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