Meet Camo. At only 10-12 months old, this handsome dog was picked up as a stray. There’s no telling how long he’d been on the streets, but judging by how skinny he is, and his tendency to resource guard his food bowl, whether it’s full or empty, we are guessing it was quite a while. Camo seems to be fine with most other dogs, and has energy for days. He prefers rope toys over balls, but loves to play and loves to get into the kiddy pool. So if you have an extremely active lifestyle, and the desire to have a young companion to share it with, Camo is your man. Just fill out the online adoption application, write that check for $325 and strap on those athletic shoes. Otherwise you’ll be left in the dirt, and you won’t be able to find this Camo man. Changing the world for Camo will be like finding the hidden treasure.

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