UPDATE: Karbon is in a wonderful foster home that is able to care for him and his medical needs. Karbon has seizures and is on medications to help keep them to a minimum. His age is estimated to be about 11 years old. He is a gentle giant, getting along with everyone and everything he meets. This big, beautiful boy is Karbon. Picked up as a stray by Animal Control, the shelter listed him as 10 years old. Whether or not that is accurate, we can’t be sure. Karbon is very anxious and nervous, but will run and play if you actively engage him. During his first few nights at our vet clinic, Karbon had a seizure. He broke a few of his toenails during the episode, but has not had another seizure, so we are holding off on putting him on anti seizure meds for now. Karbon also does very poorly in a kennel or crate, and is more relaxed when loose in the home. Karbon did fine with another large dog when walked on leash together. Karbon is in need of a very patient and understanding foster or forever home. He is drop dead gorgeous, and we know that he, just like every other VSR orphan, deserves a home where his life will be changed forever. If you are interested in committing to giving Karbon the home he’s been waiting for, please fill out our online adoption or foster application. It’s the first step of our process.

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