When Champ became a member of the VSR family, nobody knew what a great dog he really was.  But after only 2 weeks, everyone was head over heels for this sweet, forgiving, young boy.  So when Yolanda, Daniel and 14 year old Dani decided they were ready to add a new member to their family, the obvious choice was Champ.  Champ is now named Nemo.  But no matter what you call him, Nemo wants to climb into your lap and snuggle.  Dani couldn’t be happier with her new buddy.  And Dad couldn’t be more proud of his daughter.  Dani was able to look past Nemo’s physical imperfections and see that this dog is the epitome of a beautiful soul.  Everybody is a winner in this Waggin’ Tail story.  So when you cross the finish line, don’t forget to come up for air because all that’s left for you to do is wag on, nifty Nemo.  Wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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