October 3, 2016 UPDATE:

Chef had his eye removed and has recovered wonderfully! The histopath results came back as malignant ocular melanoma. The specialists feel that the cancer was contained in the eyeball, and there is no further action necessary. Chef is now in a foster home with another senior shepherd and doing very well. His foster family is trying to put some much needed weight on this very happy, friendly and affectionate dog. We couldn’t be happier for how things are going for Mr. Chef. If you would like to adopt this very special boy, please fill out our online adoption application. Because having Chef in your home will let you see the meaning of unconditional love in a whole new light!

VSR was alerted to a 10 yr old senior on the E-list for medical at Lied Shelter, who was in a great deal of pain, due to a bulging eye. We went to meet this dog, and found that despite the terrible amount of pain he was in, he was the friendliest, sweetest dog you could ever meet. We just could NOT leave this dog to die there.  MEET CHEF! Chef was rushed to the vets, who recommended immediate removal of the eye. The protruding eye was so large they actually had to rupture it to remove it.  This dog is AMAZING, sweet and gentle. Additional Bonus is the vet says our CHEF is only around 7 years old, not 10.  We will be updating his bio soon.

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