Chelsea’s Waggin’ Tail was a long time coming.  When VSR rescued Chelsea from a CA kill shelter, she showed signs of prior abuse, including scars from an embedded collar.  Chelsea did not trust humans, but she trusted and loved other dogs immensely.  After one failed adoption, Chelsea went into a foster home with 3 foster brothers.  They taught her to trust the people that cared for her and helped build her confidence.  Months later, along came Lisa & Matt looking to adopt a friend for their 7 year old mix breed, Gracie.  They, along with their daughter Kylie, met several VSR dogs, but didn’t feel a connection with any of them…until they met Chelsea.  Chelsea not only let them pet her, but she even (very slowly) let Kylie rub her belly!  Chelsea’s foster mom told Lisa & Matt about all of her special quirks and needs to be sure they were committed to Chelsea entirely.  The final decision came to Gracie, though.  Gracie & Chelsea took a long walk before Gracie welcomed her into her yard.  Gracie wanted to play so badly with Chelsea as she was investigating her new surroundings, but Chelsea was being cautious.  Finally, an avid rough & tumble girl herself, Chelsea decided to grab one of Gracie’s toys and prance around the yard.  Chelsea was finally home.  Now all that’s left to do Miss Chelsea is wag on, silly girl, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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