UPDATE!!! Cheyenne has become one amazing dog! She plays appropriately with dogs of all ages. She is incredibly smart and picks up training very quickly. She isn’t timid at all. She is confident and friendly wherever she goes. She’s got energy for days, and will need lots of mental and physical stimulation. Cheyenne is truly the whole package. Why she hasn’t found her forever home is a mystery to all of us.

UPDATE: It’s been a long wait, but Cheyenne was finally healthy enough to get spayed. She’s up to 61 pounds and she’s looking like a million bucks! We believe Cheyenne is only about 2 years old, and by the looks of things, we doubt she has had any training at all. She is very food motivated, and we are working on her doggy manners. Cheyenne is very people friendly. She has shown us when we are out for walks that she enjoys the company of respectful, well behaved children. She has walked with other big dogs, and once her initial excitement wears off, she is fine in the company of other dogs. We will continue to work with her until her forever family is found. Filling our our online adoption application is the first step in our adoption process.

Full of milk with no puppies to be found, Miss Cheyenne was dumped at the shelter severely underweight and infected with parasites. Cheyenne is in need of some medical attention, as well as needing to gain some weight before it’s safe to spay this friendly, energetic girl. She happily offered us sits when she knew there were treats to be had. Cheyenne will need some time to get adoption ready, but in the meantime, we will get to know more about this petite little peanut. So stay tuned for more updates.

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