It wasn’t long ago that VSR’s sweet, young, male half of the siblings Chip and Dale was described as timid, fearful and unsocialized.  But because of his ridiculously cute and cuddly teddy bear looks, the volunteers couldn’t get enough of him.  Being the food motivated dog that he is, Chip quickly learned who had goodies in their pockets.  Soon shy little Chip was as friendly and outgoing as a Walmart greeter.  Putting him back in his kennel every night just ripped our hearts out.  One volunteer in particular made it her mission to find Chip a foster home.  Conveniently enough, her next door neighbors had somehow run into Chip at one of our adoption events.  Chip’s calm, easy going nature made it relatively easy for the volunteer to convince Heidi and Marlin that Chip would be a great little guy to foster.  He probably wouldn’t even care that their house was home to 3 adult cats.  Soon VSR had a new foster family, and Chip was living right next door to the volunteer who had fallen so hard for him.  Shortly after Chip had settled into his foster home, VSR received an adoption application from a family very interested in the Chipster.  Heidi and Marlin had a decision to make.  They hadn’t realized how much they enjoyed having a dog in the house until the thought of having to give Chip up became a real possibility.  Were Heidi and Marlin ready to commit to our little canine?  It didn’t take long to know they just couldn’t let Chipper go after seeing him blossom into the social, friendly ball of fluff that he is today.  So once again, VSR adds another family to their list of foster failures.  But we are happy to do so because seeing Chip a happy, loved and somewhat spoiled dog makes every one of the VSR volunteers get a little bit emotional.  So as you stretch your back legs out behind you and chew your Nylabone on the carpet of your forever home, you’ll make everyone smile when you wag on, charming Chip, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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