Meet 4 year old Chula. Chula was turned into the local shelter when her family realized they could not afford to treat her for the horrible skin infection that was causing her hair to fall out and inflammation that covered her entire body. It must have been horribly painful. Unable to spay her for fear of spreading the infection internally, Chula has been in medical boarding for almost 3 months! The medication finally got the infections under control, and Chula is now spayed and looking and feeling better than ever. This friendly, sweet girl is full of life and loves to play. She has been good with every person and every dog she has met. It’s time to show Chula that being in boarding was just the first stop on her journey to a loving forever home. So if you have $325 for her adoption donation and fill out our online adoption application, you will be well on your way to having the unconditional love of this playful, long and lean beauty queen. Changing the world for a dog as deserving as Chula will do more for you than it does for her. Go ahead, try it and see. Click here for more photos.

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