Meet sweet senior Chyna! Surrendered by her family after 11 years of being a loyal companion, even though she never saw the inside of the house. All that’s changed now, and Chyna is living happily in a foster home. And who would have thought that this classic shepherd girl would live harmoniously with cats? If a cat will give a hiss and smack Chyna on the nose once, Chyna is happy to steer clear of the kitties. Chyna prefers to be the only dog in the house, and at her age, if that’s what Chyna wants, that’s what Chyna shall have. Young children aren’t anything Chyna wants to deal with either, as they can be unpredictable and kind of scary to her. If you think you have the dream home Miss Chyna has been fantasizing about all these years, please fill out our online adoption application. It’s the first step of our adoption process. Chyna does have some arthritis at the base of her tail, but the x rays show her hips are in great shape. She easily hops up onto the furniture without any problems. We would travel around the world to give Chyna the wonderful home she deserves! So get busy, and get packing. Chyna’s ready to take on the world with her new family!

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