UPDATE: Cisco is making huge progress overcoming his bad manners. He still has work to do, but he is going to be an amazing dog for anyone willing to put the time into training him. He needs a home with calm energy because he is so easily overstimulated. Once he gets there, all his training seems to be forgotten. No young kids for Mr Cisco. He doesn’t seem to be dog reactive, especially with other calm dogs. We will be doing some doggy introductions with him as soon as his obedience is a little better. We will continue to work with him and post updates. Meet 9 month old Cisco. This young 60 pound boy was abandon at a local vet clinic and ended up at the local shelter. Imagine his fear being in such a scary place. His behavior landed him on the dreaded transfer list once we picked him up, it was obvious why his previous family never returned to pick him up. Cisco is a bully. With no boundaries and no doggy manners, Cisco would jump up and be mouthy and snappy if he didn’t get what he wanted. He also is very easily over-stimulated. His behavior could be downright scary. But on the plus side, he’s very food motivated, and takes treats nicely. He’s decent, but not great on the leash, and doesn’t seem to be dog reactive unless the other dogs energy is high. He’s very sweet when he’s not trying to bully you, and he’s also ridiculously smart. So we will continue to work with Cisco and his lack of manners and boundaries, and will post updates as we get him adoption ready.

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