Meet Comet. This cutie pie was given up by his family and immediately put on the list to be euthanized when it was determined he needed dental work done. His paperwork claims he is 5 years old, but every other indication is that he is quite a bit younger than 5. They were right about work being needed on his mouth, though. The vet ended up removing 5 of his teeth that were fragile and breaking off at the gum line. Now our shooting star is all healed up and ready to shine! Comet has lots of energy, loves to play ball, and gets along with most other dogs. He has that one floppy ear that makes him absolutely adorable to everyone he meets. So if you would like to be the light of Comet’s life, just take $325 and set it aside for his adoption donation. Then go to our website and fill out our online adoption application. Comet doesn’t like living in a kennel situation and is losing weight and becoming very stressed out. So every night Comet wishes upon that star and hopes that his dreams for a wonderful forever family will be coming true very soon. Comet needs someone to change his world. Just like those shooting stars up in the night sky, he won’t be around long. So act quickly! Comet is a once in a lifetime dog!  Click here for more photos!

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