Sweet Coraline.   She is doing so well despite the recent changes in her life.   She is a big girl at 104lb and she’s a little under 3 years old.  She absolutely loves to play frisbee and run after tennis balls.   She is quite the athlete for her size and will fly through the air to try to catch whatever you’ve thrown.   If her frisbee gets dirty, she will shake it off and if her ball gets dirty, it goes in the water pail.  Sometimes she just uses the tennis ball as a sponge and chews on it full of water.  She can by shy and a little aloof when meeting but once she is comfortable with you, she loves to interact.  She listens very well and follows you with a tap to the thigh.   She is well behaved and not much of a barker so far.  She rides excellently in the car and will go right in the kennel.  She seems to prefer to want to hang out indoors but loves to be outside with her humans playing.

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