As we have gotten to know more about Cuda, it’s important to note that a dog isn’t going to show his real personality right away. Not to the shelter, not to the rescue, and not to his new forever home. They need time to decompress, and in Cuda’s case, get medical care. When we got Cuda back from our vet, we learned that he had 4, yes 4 different types of parasites! Well, no wonder he was resource guarding his food! He was constantly hungry! He has been treated and has a completely clean bill of health now. We also learned that he doesn’t like to be grabbed by the collar, and some other typical adolescent dog behaviors that we would all rather do without. But that is what training classes are for. We still don’t advise or recommend that you take food away from Cuda, or any dog. Cuda loves to play with toys. He loves to run and be chased. He sheds like there is no tomorrow, but what shepherd doesn’t? So if you are interested in meeting this handsome young dog, please start the adoption process by filling out our online adoption application. This does not obligate you in any way to adopt.

Meet 10 month old Cuda (like barracuda). Surrendered to the shelter because he resource guards his food. According to his previous owners, Cuda lived outside 24/7. Not the ideal situation if you want your shepherd to learn how to be a social and well behaved dog. And about the age he is now, his bad behavior isn’t cute any more, so they gave up on him instead of taking the time to train him. He is skittish and fearful, and has no reason to trust people he doesn’t know. This beautiful boy is going to need training and a patient and consistent owner. He won’t be the perfect the dog the minute he goes to his new home. If you don’t have the time to work with him (which will also strengthen the bond between you) then this is not the dog for you. Once Cuda is comfortable with us and we can begin to work with him, we will post updates on his progress. He will be an angel in no time, instead of a Barra-Cuda!

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