Another Waggin’ Tale that has been a long time coming is Daisy’s!  When Daisy first came to VSR, the applications for her were few and far between.  Then recently, Daisy became a hot commodity with several successful meet and greets, but none of them panned out.  She continued to be stuck in boarding, wondering if her forever family would ever come along.  When Rebecca saw Daisy, she knew Daisy was the dog for her and her current dog, Mu.  Mu was missing having a companion since the family recently lost their other dog to cancer.  Bringing Daisy into their home has helped to spread a little sunshine.  So as you stroll through the garden path of life, remember to take your umbrella because when raindrops are fallin’ on your head, its harder to see where you are going when you wag on, delightful Daisy, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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