DARCO UPDATE 1/17/19: Darco’s neck wound has finally healed and we have been able to put a leash on him, take him out for walks and get to know him a little better. He has been decompressing and is starting to feel better being around people he is familiar with. Darco is still VERY skittish in new places, and any unexpected noise will set him off as he tries to flee away from it. He no longer tries to bite through the leash, so things are slowly moving in the right direction. On our walk last night, Darco finally felt comfortable enough to use his nose to smell things! This was huge! He also now wags his tail, and is cautiously curious to the things around him. Right now Darco would do best in a calm and patient home. Young kids are just too unpredictable for this sensitive guy. We are sure Darco will continue to recover from the trauma that caused him to be so fearful. We have not introduced him to any other dogs yet, but he seems to be interested in other dogs in a positive and curious way. If you have the experience and desire to help Darco become the best he can be, please fill out our online adoption application. It’s the first step in our adoption process.

Meet beautiful Darco. This gorgeous 4ish year old boy was confiscated by the police and then held at the shelter for 10 long days! The trauma that Darco experienced during this time has taken its toll on him. He was terrified, pancaking to the ground, as well as trying to chew through the leash, back out of it, and fight to get away. When we picked him up we had no idea he had a horrible infected wound on his neck. Once it was discovered, he had to be sedated so the vets could clean it up, and treat his double ear infections. He is slowly coming around, but is still VERY skittish of common everyday things. We are building his trust while we wait for his neck to heal and give him the time he needs to decompress. So stay tuned for updates on this gorgeous sable boy. Once we learn more about him we will update his bio.

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