DASH UPDATE 5/17/17!!!
Dash had his surgery late yesterday! It was a difficult surgery, but Dash came through it like a champ! He will need extensive rehab, but the doctors are confident he will have full use of his leg! We couldn’t be happier for this sweet peanut of a dog. But we are still short about $900 to cover the cost of the surgery. It came out to just over $1900. Can you please open your hearts and give? Any amount helps. Doesn’t Dash deserve to live up to his name and have the ability to dash all over the back yard of the forever home that’s out there waiting for him? The link to our website is in the comments to make a donation.

VSR was recently contacted by the local shelter about this tiny, young dog. Probably under a year old, Dash has had a really rough start in life! As you can see from the X-rays, Dash needs hip surgery, and he needed it yesterday! This poor dog, only about the size of a minute, has been surviving in pain for quite some time. We think he may have been hit by a car. We need to raise $2000 for the surgery Dash so desperately needs! He is such a kind and sweet dog, friendly with other dogs, even in the pain he is in. He tries to run and play like a healthy young dog, but quickly starts to limp, and sadly will stop playing, once his pain escalates over his threshold. Can you help us help this precious boy? We are scheduling his surgery for as soon as possible so Dash can heal and see what it feels like to be a dog out of pain. We will post the link to our PayPal account in the comments.

Click here for more photos!

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