Sit down and buckle up because this Waggin’ Tale is like a ride on an emotional roller coaster!  It started when Delgado was turned into a Southern California high kill shelter with a female companion with instructions to adopt the pair out together.  The instructions were ignored, and Delgado’s mate was adopted while Delgado was left at the shelter.  Delgado was then saved by the GSD Miracle Network and transported to Vegas Shepherd Rescue.  Enter Jed, Marjorie and their 3 kids, Isabella, Pierce and Campbell.  When the family lost their senior Rottie, 2 year old Pierce took it the worst and stopped talking altogether.  With 3 kids under the age of 5, finding a rescue dog to fit into this family would not be easy.  Somehow, the family found Delgado, now called Gus, and they knew that with some time and training, he would be the perfect addition to this family.  So when arrangements were made to finalize the adoption and papers were signed, 2 year old Pierce walked right up and said, “Thank you, Shari.”  So as I wiped away the tears that had spilled from my eyes, I knew that this roller coaster ride was coming to an end.  Now you just need to wag on, gracious Gus, wag on.    Click here for more photos!

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