Dezi & Lucy

Welcome Dezi and Lucy, bonded 5 yr old male and female sheps who were dropped out of a truck in a parking lot.  Thankfully they were witnessed being abandoned and after changing hands a few times they were brought to us at VSR.   We continued to make sure no legitimate owner was coming forward and now they are available for adoption.

These two are the best.  They are super friendly and have a lot of love to give.  They are attached at the hip and where one goes, the other follows.  They do nothing without each other.  They are the ultimate best friends.   They howl at each other when kenneled and seem to prefer to just hang out near their human friends.  They are very well behaved and have no obvious behavioral issues so far.
Dezi is protective of his Lucy and it’s unknown how they will do with other furry companions so far, but Dezi tends to get worked up when he sees one so it may need some work to get them to live with other pets.
Dezi is 100lb and Lucy is about 70.

If you think you might be able to foster or adopt these absolutely loving babies, please apply.

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