How could somebody take this 18 month old cutie-pie and desert him at a doggy day care?  How could they intentionally give false contact information?  And then come back and pick up the other dog they had left there the same time they left Diego?

Diego is an affectionate boy who needs time to trust people and feels better when he has a canine companion to hang around with.  His foster mom has been working very hard with Diego to reign in his young dog energy and excitement, and they are making huge strides, if we do say so ourselves.  He is a quick learner and wants to please.  Even his leash manners are becoming what many people only dream of for their dog.  Is your home the home Diego has been waiting for?  It just takes a donation of $325 to take Diego home and make him a member of your family.  What are you waiting for?  Head over to our website and fill out the adoption application!  Changing the world for Diego is as much fun as a trip to Disneyland.  With Diego in your life, your home will be the happiest place on earth.

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