As volunteers, every dog we rescue touches us in some way.  But sometimes, there is a dog we just can’t let go of.  The day Shari, our Director of Adoptions, had to let her sweet WGSD of 10 ½ years, Tito, go, she knew she needed to save another dog that very night to help steer her down the road to moving on.   This is how she met Diesel.  Diesel looked right into her soul and told her it was all alright.  Shari never let go of that.  After weeks of illness and a failed adoption, the bond between Diesel and Shari deepened.  How could she let Diesel go to another family after all he had done for her?  Diesel, now Gage, and Shari have been through thick & thin over the last couple of months, and now they will be together for years to come.  All that’s left to do handsome Gage is wag on.  Wag on for Shari.  Click here for more photos!

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