Meet 18 month old Drifter. After living his short life outside in a backyard, his family had to leave the country for a family emergency. So Drifter was dropped off at the local shelter. As you can imagine, this young pup was terrified at the shelter, so much so that his only option was VSR. Otherwise he wouldn’t be making it to “the list” at all. Drifter was neutered and is now soaking up all the love and attention he can get at our vet clinic. The previous owners did fill out the q and a sheet and did say that he is not housebroken. (And how could he be if he never lived in the house?) The condition of his coat is also a good indication that he’s been outside and never been brushed or bathed, but all that’s going to change. He is learning quickly that new people are good, and we are so happy to see this! We will post more about him as we learn more. So stay tuned for updates!

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